We must take bolder steps if we want to improve the future of our Islands.

“To face our challenges, overcome our problems, and seize our opportunities, we need to acknowledge that many of our current approaches are not working anymore.

We need an economy where growth for a privileged few is not enough. We need homes our local families can afford. We need more and better jobs in more than one industry. We need to support our rich and diverse communities. We need to take bold steps, commit ourselves, and not flinch when we encounter obstacles in taking those steps.

We need to provide more authority and autonomy to our counties, while centralizing responsibility and accountability for those things that need to be addressed statewide. We need the mayors and the governor and the legislature working together with greater coordination and synergy.

Most of all, we need to focus more on our people. Not just the outputs of government programs and policies, but actual outcomes of making life better for our citizens. I fear we are falling short and further and further behind. But together, we can change that course. As your governor, I will dedicate myself to championing those changes, taking those bold steps, and improving the lives of people throughout Hawai‘i.”

Kirk Caldwell
— Kirk Caldwell

Kirk – Family and Friends

What shaped Kirk’s character, and how he’s worked to improve the lives of people in Hawai‘i.

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Promises Made. Promises Kept.

Environment and Climate Change

Kirk’s team has made huge strides to make Honolulu a greener city, including bans on single-use plastic items, reducing landfill waste, making H-Power the Oahu’s largest provider of renewable energy, installing energy-saving street lighting, and planting tens of thousands of trees.

Public Safety

Under Kirk, Honolulu established the HPD body cam program, added new police and fire vehicles, and spearheaded new legislation on sprinkler retrofits and fire safety improvement to 360 high rise residential buildings.

Rail Transit

Despite many challenges, Kirk has been a tireless advocate for rail transit, and to provide transportation equity for workers and families in west and central O‘ahu, who have no alternative to getting to their jobs or school but for spending hours and hours every day in slow commutes in cars or buses.


From 2013 to 2018 Kirk’s administration built the massive 3.5-mile Kaneohe-Kailua Sewer Tunnel, the largest wastewater conveyance project ever built in the state; the project was completed on time and on budget.

Road Improvements

The Caldwell administration paved 2,300 lane miles on Oahu, exceeding its goal to improve 1,500 land miles of substandard roads and the largest such improvement project in Hawai‘i since the 1980s.

Covid 19 Response

Honolulu’s response to Covid-19 was immediate and proactive. He worked directly with Governor Ige and the county mayors to implement stringent safety protocols, resulting in Hawai‘i having the lowest Covid rates in the country.

Affordable Housing

Kirk’s administration helped enable more than 10,000 new housing starts in Honolulu, including single family homes, condos, townhouses, and rental units. Honolulu added 2,508 total units of 80% AMI affordable housing.


In partnership with the community, Kirk helped develop homeless facilities including Hale Mauliola at Sand Island, Kahauiki Village near the airport, Punawai clinic, rest stop and housing in Iwilei, and HONU navigation centers and mobile hygiene centers across O‘ahu.

City Management

While Kirk was mayor, Honolulu had no increase in real property taxes for primary residences of homeowners. The City also maintained very strong bond credit ratings: AA+ Fitch and Aa1 Moody’s.

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