“The greatest satisfaction of serving as Mayor is the opportunity it provides to improve the everyday lives of people across O‘ahu every single day.”



To protect our environment, we’re addressing a range of impacts to our land, water and air. We’ve decreased the number of sewer spills to just a few dozen annually from more than 200 each year, and we’re continuing the upgrades.

Recently, Honolulu was selected as the most livable city in the nation by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, thanks to the city’s H-Power system, which has reduced our dependence on oil by 700,000 barrels a year. And the Rockefeller Foundation chose Honolulu as one of its 100 Resilient Cities of the World for the way we’re addressing environmental challenges, such as sea level rise, storm water discharge, climate change, and infrastructure improvements.

Rail Transit

Building a 20-mile, 21-station rail transit system is the largest public works project in Hawai‘i’s history. In three years, we’ve built nearly a third of it. It will take deep resolve to see it through, and I have not wavered.

Stopping rail at Middle Street would perpetuate current housing and transportation problems, and that’s something I simply can’t allow. O‘ahu’s future depends on a multi-modal transportation system that moves people quickly and efficiently, while providing a viable alternative to traffic gridlock.

Affordable Housing

I am committed to addressing the longstanding affordable housing issue through innovative programs and working closely with the private sector.

My administration is making more affordable rentals for lower income households a priority, and with our new ordinance for Accessory Dwelling Units, homeowners can put new rentals on the market, while increasing their income.

I want future generations to remain on our island with their families and friends, and more affordable housing is the best way to keep them here.

Repaving Roads

Roads are a reflection of how government responds to its citizens, and for too long, this critical infrastructure has been ignored.

Soon after becoming mayor I recognized the need for an emergency program to rehabilitate our roads, and after consulting with city engineers, we developed a five-year plan to repave 1,500 lane miles. A little more than three years later, we’ve already paved over 1,100 miles and are now looking to reach 2,000 by 2020. And through the use of advanced materials and processes, our newly resurfaced roads will remain in excellent shape for years to come.


No one should be forced to live on a sidewalk, but neither should anyone be allowed to claim public spaces as their own. Through our program of compassionate disruption, Honolulu has addressed both of these issues by disrupting homeless encampments and providing viable alternatives.

By official counts, homelessness grew 1% on O‘ahu, the slowest growth in years. And in the last year, we helped take nearly 1,000 chronic homeless into shelters and, for most, long-term housing. Still, we have much more to do. Working together – City, State and non-profits – we are making steady, serious progress.

Parks & Playgrounds

Our parks are the jewels of the City and County of Honolulu, and where our families gather and play. As your mayor, I’m dedicated to restoring our parks to a condition we can all be proud of.

For too long, our parks were neglected and allowed to deteriorate. Under my Kakou for Our Parks program the city has refurbished 32 comfort stations at parks across O‘ahu, renovated 25 playgrounds, while building 15 new ones, and resurfaced 20 play courts. We’ve restored historic McCoy Pavillion and improved Magic Island. The effort to update our parks continues this year with another $1.2 million going to Kakou for Our Parks and $21.6 million in capital improvements.

About Kirk


Kirk Caldwell was born in Waipahu and raised in Hilo, the oldest son of a plantation and country doctor. He studied Urban Planning and Economics at Tufts University, earned an M.A. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and received his law degree from the UH William S. Richardson School of Law.

Kirk was Managing Partner at the law firm of Ashford and Wriston and began his public service career in 2002, when he was elected to the Hawai‘i State House of Representatives where he quickly rose to become the House Majority Leader.

In January 2009, Kirk was appointed Managing Director for the City and County of Honolulu, and later served as Acting Mayor in 2010. During his tenure at the City, Kirk was the primary point person for O‘ahu’s biggest issues, transit and homelessness, and successfully expedited $150 million in road repaving.

Kirk was elected Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu in 2012, and immediately brought a fast-paced energy to the office, focused on key priorities to improve City services. In his first few months in office he cleared “De-Occupy” squatters out of Thomas Square Park and restored bus routes cancelled under the previous Administration. He reached out to the State to encourage more cooperation on long-standing problems like homelessness, and launched major improvement plans for long-neglected infrastructure.

Kirk is married to Donna Tanoue, who served as State Commissioner of Financial Institutions in the Ariyoshi administration, was appointed by President Bill Clinton as Chair of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and is today Vice Chair for the Bank of Hawaii. They have a daughter, Maya, who recently graduated from college.


Great cities are the foundation of our country, so it’s important that we elect mayors with vision, integrity, and passion for the job. That’s Kirk Caldwell. I support Kirk for Mayor because he cares about working families and the urban fabric within which they live. He continues to improve the quality of basic infrastructure, and he has been a champion of rail which will be a game changer for Honolulu. Kirk demonstrates local values and manages with a local heart. I see the changes and improvements when I come home to Honolulu, and I urge voters to give him the opportunity to finish the work that he has started.
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