One of Honolulu’s First Responders remembers 9/11

Sonny Maguire, a Vietnam War veteran, worked for 33 years in the Honolulu Fire Department, eventually becoming a HazMat Captain before retirement. 

As an expert in hazardous materials – he is internationally-recognized in the filed – Sonny watched the Twin Towers crash down on 9/11 from a very unique perspective. Besides all the many lives lost that terrible day – including hundreds of First Responders who ran toward danger to help save others – he also knew immediately that the rubble at Ground Zero would be a toxic environment for those who would toil there in the months to come.

But Sonny says that the tens of thousands of First Responders who worked to recover the remains of those who perished, we also aware of what they were in for, working in the poisonous dust and debris. And he therefore regards all of them as  heroic as those who answered the call on September 11th.

In this quietly moving interview, Sonny shares his admiration of those heroes. And his deep disappointment in the U.S. Congress who fought for years to withhold the medical benefits they needed, and the compensation their families deserved.

Among those who voted against aid to 9/11 First Responders was Hawai‘i Congressman Charles Djou.  

Djou cast that vote six years ago today on September 29, 2010.

In a few short weeks, O‘ahu voters will need to decide which candidate is most deserving to serve as their Mayor – and the effective leader of Honolulu’s First Responders.

For HazMat Captain (Retired) Sonny McGuire, his conclusion about Charles Djou is painfully clear.  “That’s not the person I want representing me,” he says. “And that’s not the person I want representing the guys I used to work with.”

Sonny supports Kirk Caldwell.